Madelyne Heyman and Becca Grumet


Madelyne Heyman met Becker Grumet at the University of Southern California through mutual artsy friends, but they were too cool for each other at the time. Madelyne was busy in the theater department directing productions of Spring Awakening and Avenue Q, while Becker marched in the band and made wacky student films - most memorably Weed Shop the Musical in 2012, which was an Official Selection at the LA Comedy Festival. After they graduated in 2014, their friends Glenn and Hunter decided that "Maddy should help Becca turn Weed Shop into a full musical." 

Thus, Heyman and Grumet was born. Weed Shop the Musical opened at the Eclectic Company Theatre in Los Angeles in October 2016 and was extended to run for 9 weeks. The musical was nominated across the board at the NoHo Fringe Festival, and Madelyne took home Best Direction. They then sold out 2 Valentine's Day performances of Will You Accept this Rose? The Bachelor Parody Musical at the Three Clubs, Hollywood, as well as 6 shows at the McCadden Place Theatre as part of the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival. 

Heyman and Grumet continue to develop musicals as part of their arts organization Art Time Presents, including a revamped workshop of Weed Shop in 2019.